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Dr.Chintan Agrawal

Dr.Chintan Agrawal is very excellent yet affordable. We give everything from primary dental cleaning, Filling, Dental Implants, Dental Surgery. We are provided with advanced and high-tech machines and technology. With high-level technologies, affordable dental surgery had guided us to become one of the adjustment.
People may search for the various type of medical services related to teeth treatment such as implants, orthodontics, but could not find the right and true one! We have the expert, trained and knowledgeable team are provide the regular braces and many treatments that can improve your smile and overall look.

Having much knowledge in oral health and treatment related to teeth, we believe to advise as well as treatment patients in a seamless way.
Dr. Chintan Agrawal has completed his BDS from Bapuji Teeth College & Hospital, Davangere (Karnataka) in the year 2001 and MDS in Orthodontics from College Of Sciences, Davangere (Karnataka) in the year 2005. He is a life member of the Indian Orthodontic Society and also member of Indian Association.

He is into Orthodontic practice since 2005 at Aastha Multispecialty, and also attached as a Consultant Orthodontist at Apollo Hospitals and various other reputed.
Dr. Chintan Agrawal MDS in Orthodontics from College Of Sciences and his team of orthodontists are proud to offer guaranteed orthodontic services.

The high skill customization & best quality ensures that the orthodontic treatment is quick & comfortable. Most patients at Agrawal's Multispeciality do not complain of pain during the treatment procedure. At Agrawal's Multispeciality we have some special techniques for making the treatment faster than normal.
We use only the best quality ceramic braces with the exact shade of teeth that are never yellow. Also, there is an option of Invigil / Clear aligners where treatment without braces is possible in some cases.

Metal Braces

The latest technique metal braces. (American technique).With quality wires and armamentarium.

Low friction braces

With thermally stimulated wires: They are better quality braces of the most powerful standards in the world. The advantage is quicker treatment with less pain and fewer appointments.

Ceramic braces

Braces that are tooth-colored. Having a camouflage effect.

Low friction ceramic braces

No pain + sharp gains with tooth-colored braces.

Clear aligners

Strategy without braces. Apply straight teeth without anybody knowing. A translucent cover on all your teeth only. Very few appointments.


Proper diagnosis and treatment of orthodontic problems is Dr.Chintan's priority when evaluating a new patient for treatment. Since orthodontic treatment can greatly enhance a patient's overall health and appearance, developing individualized treatment plans that are refined for each patient is the foundation of Dr.Chintan's practice. In his view, careful treatment planning is the most effective and successful way to understand and address a patient's specific needs and ensures that patients will receive optimal care through each phase of the treatment. We find that the results often exceed expectations.




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